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I understand that for a student any expense is significant, but if you can afford it, I recommend it

Marta Espinosa
Art History Professor

Hands down a much better investment than any of the magazines published these days

Gabriel Trizinsky
Last year Architecture Student

Skip one cocktail over the weekend and subscribe. In my opinion, it's very much worth it!

Diego Levante
Architecture Student (Argentina)

We are used to most things on the internet being "free."
But are they really?

Whether through ads or by pushing you tu buy stuff so that they can earn a commission, 99% of the content published online is created with the idea of generating a profit. It may not seem like it, but it is.

The problem with this model is that content quickly stops being created to educate or critique, and starts being optimized to generate clicks, sales, rank on Google, etc.

What type of contents can I expect?

these are just some examples
The NY vs. Venice Dilemma
The Art of Intervention (on architecture)
The Evolution of the Elevator and How It Has Transformed the Silhouette of Our Cities
Inspiration, or Something More?
The Lesser-Known Architecture of Iwan Iwanoff
Architects Who Weren't
Visionary Clients
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